Incyte supports investigator/externally led research programs related to disease areas of interest related to Incyte's products and compounds.

The objectives of these programs are to:

- advance clinical and pre-clinical research
- generate health outcomes data and real-world evidence
- enhance disease understanding.

These programs are open to physicians, researchers and institutions interested in conducting external research.

Investigators and/or their affiliated institutions and networks assume responsibility for all aspects of the study, including design, regulatory submission, initiation, conduct, and monitoring of the research, along with data analysis and communication (e.g. abstract, manuscript, and final study report) of the results.

Proposals submitted to Incyte are reviewed by Incyte's scientific and medical committees. Approval of a proposal is based on scientific merit, patient safety considerations, unmet medical need, study design, availability of resources, and feasibility of study conduct. Support for approved proposals may be provided in the form of study drug supply, funding, or both depending on the request, and is contingent upon a final approved protocol, regulatory clearance, Investigator Review Board approval, and full execution of a research agreement.

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For questions concerning Investigator Initiated Research conducted outside of the US, please contact Incyte at

For questions concerning Investigator Initiated Research conducted in the US, please contact Incyte at

Any personal data which relates to Investigator or Investigator's staff (whether employees or independent contractors) and which is provided to Incyte or its affiliates may be held on one or more databases for the purposes of reviewing this proposal, determining Investigator's involvement in future research or in order to comply with any regulatory requirements. For these purposes, personal data may be disclosed or transferred to Incyte Corporation or its affiliates, to representatives and contractors working on behalf of the Incyte or its affiliates and to applicable regulatory authorities. One or more of these recipients may be located in countries whose laws do not provide equivalent protection for personal data to those in Investigator's country. By transmitting such data to Incyte or its affiliates, Investigator acknowledges these terms. Any enquiries or requests to modify or delete personal data held by Incyte should be directed to:

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